Massage Training Center

Do you need a certificate? We are an authorize trainers of Thai massage.

We can train and give certificate in the following massage technics:

  1. Thai massage
  2. Swedish massage
  3. Deep tissue massage
  4. Oil Thai tradition massage
  5. Ancient Thai massage
  6. Body energy center points
  7. Theory

Train is 14 days per course
Cost: Promotion price: 15000 Bath – Please call to us today!!! 

About us - Healty Life Massage

Massage therapy is the best way to treat your body, heal your body, and improve your physical health.

Massage therapy is widely used in sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, chronic pain management, preoperative preparation, postoperative recovery. It can also be used in working with people with dementia or autism.

Healthy Life is a professional massage in Bangkok

Professional massage services are available in many different types of settings including health care clinics and spas. However most people get their massage at home by themselves. Massage therapists are not required to have any formal training or certification in most states so it’s important to check your state regulations if you are looking for a qualified therapist.

Thai massage and what it means

A massage is a therapeutic treatment that can be used to treat various conditions. The treatment is intended to improve the recipient’s physical and emotional well-being while helping them treat and recover from their daily activities.

People usually get a massage because they want to treat and feel rejuvenated. This makes it an ideal remedy for people who are feeling stressed or anxious. There are many different types of massage and the person receiving the massage decides which type they prefer based on what feels best for their condition or personal preferences.


Massage is an art that relieves the tensions in the body. It is one of the most best therapies that people can get. Massage therapists use their hands to manipulate different parts of the body to help with muscle aches, pain, and stress.

There are various types of massage depending on what you want to achieve. Stress relief, anxiety reduction or general wellness are all among the many reasons people like to get a massage. Thai massage which is also called “lomi lomi” uses pressure points along with long strokes and kneading techniques for an invigorating experience; it can be quite vigorous if desired.

Traditional massages such as Swedish massage will focus on your muscles using deep tissue manipulation that may involve stretching or compression techniques depending on your needs.